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 Main Objective: To have fun with the ukulele while learning the basics of the instrument. At the end of the course student will have a basic proficiency with ukulele chord structures and strumming techniques.

Materials: A one page ukulele chord sheet will be handed out in class from the teacher to the students. Students will be expected to provide their own ukulele in class.

1.) Introduction to the Ukulele

  • a brief history of the instrument and different types of ukuleles
  • getting acquainted with different parts and care of the ukulele
  • Understanding of the music terminology of the ukulele (the notes of the strings, frets, etc)

2.) Basics

  • Learn how to tune
  • Learn different tuning styles
  • Understand music reading of the chord structure
  • How to hold the instrument

3.) Beginning chord progression (Major Chords)

  • Group music playing of the Major Chords
  • Learn chords of the 1st position. Understand chords on 2nd and 3rd position.
  • Students will learn a song together with Major Chords

4.) Intermediate Study

  • Hand position to finger pick
  • Strumming and finger picking techniques
  • Learn the basic Minor chords

Class Format: Individual & Group class

Class Duration: 30, 60 & 90 minutes for every beginner till advance level/grade.

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