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Ms.LAU Hang Sin

Music and Arts Adviser 

Ms LAU Hang Sin , Tackianna
Deparment Head 
Hong Kong Arts and Music Education of New Asia Middle School  


About Music Education in Hong Kong 

          Long time ago, arts education in Hong Kong received little attention from most schools. Music and art lessons are treated as cultural subjects. Teachers who know how to play the piano may act as music teachers who just play the accompaniment for students to sing. Actually, music education is much more than singing lessons. Worse still, music lessons are always used for dictation and test of academic subjects such as English and Chinese. 

          This situation gets improvement ever since the education reform in the 2000s. The curriculum in Hong Kong secondary schools is divided into 8 Key Learning Areas: i.e. English Language, Chinese Language, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Personal, social and Humanities, Arts and physical education. 

          From then on, schools pay more attention on Arts Education. Through listening, performing and creating, students can enjoy their music lesson. Music education can develop students’ creativity and critical thinking, nurture aesthetic sensitivity and build up cultural awareness. Playing musical instruments and develop their skills in music. Students can gain enjoyment and satisfaction through participating in music performance.

           Music is a wonderful media for expression. This morning, students from Hong Kong and Royal University of Fine Arts of Cambodia sang together a new composition by Mr Pan samol. Though some of us may not understand the language, we can feel the message conveyed by the music. The sweet timbre, the flowing melody and the rich harmony all impressed the audience. 

          Music lovers are never alone. Through learning music, they learn how to express themselves and how to team up. In most schools, students can sing in a choir or vocal group. In Hong Kong, many students take extra lessons on musical instruments, such as piano, violin, guitar, and other Western and Chinese instruments. They also join the Symphony Orchestra or Chinese Orchestra. The valuable experiences on stage will definitely strengthen their confidence. They learn how to meet challenges and how to face ups and downs.  They will pursue a life-long interest in music. 

          On behalf of the Hong Kong team, VIVACE, I hope that the Simphony Music school will play an important role in training up young children in their instrumental learning, then they can further their studies in the Royal University of Cambodia. In this way, people in Cambodia may experience the beauty in music. With such a strong foundation, you will have a brighter future in music education.

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